How to keep warm in the house! Here we tell you

Here are some simple tricks to keep the house warm when the radiators are no longer coping! Frosty days are coming soon, and not all houses are properly insulated.

Insulation of walls and windows helps you keep the heat in the house and is necessary in older houses and apartments. But such an investment is made during the summer.

When winter knocks on the door, you can resort to little tricks that help keep the house warm. Often, the radiators barely heat the houses in the old blocks and it is necessary to maintain a comfortable temperature in the apartment.

And if you can’t use an electric radiator or an air heater due to high electricity costs, you can also resort to the tricks of our grandparents to warm yourself better.

Insulate windows with simple methods! This is how you keep the heat in the house

If the cold creeps in through the window frame, use sponge rolls or long cylindrical cushions. Bubble wrap is also a good insulator. Cut narrow strips, dampen them slightly with a sponge, and stick them to windows where you feel cold air coming in. Bubble wrap can also be placed between the frames, where they warp and penetrate the cold. And large thick pillows of a cylindrical shape should be placed at the doorways, where there are no thresholds and cold drafts penetrate.

Cook in the oven at night

On cold nights prepare a hot meal in the oven. A pie, cake or a more filling meat-based dish will be tastier in the oven. And the heat that the oven emits, after cooking, helps you heat your home. A modern oven, integrated into the kitchen furniture, equipped with a fan makes the house even hotter than a traditional oven.

heating the bed with hot bottles

A remedy from the days of the grandparents, but just as good today. Boil water and pour into two, three bottles that are hermetically closed. Put them on the bed, under the duvet and it will warm up in a few seconds. More modern and practical are electric pillows that heat up like a stove and help you immediately warm up the cold bed, but also the atmosphere in the bedroom.

Placing thick rugs throughout the house

If in summer you like to keep the house cool and you collect the rugs, in winter it is good to put them in their usual place. Thick rugs or rugs will keep your feet warmer and help keep heat in the house better.

Put aluminum foil behind the radiators

Many housewives have found that they can use aluminum foil behind radiators. The aluminum forms a barrier that sends all the heat into the house, without being absorbed by the cold walls. Give it a try too because it only costs you a few cents.

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