How to remove coffee stains?

Coffee is an inseparable ritual every morning for many people. Lovers of this drink cannot imagine a day without a cup of aromatic coffee. However, it happens that we inadvertently tip the cup or, even worse, accidentally spill it onto a white tablecloth. Spilled coffee usually causes panic. And then what? Don’t worry, granny’s ways and, if necessary, chemicals will definitely cope with coffee stains.

How to get rid of coffee stains? Next, we tell you:

vinegar and salt

Spilled coffee on the tablecloth seems to create dirt that is difficult to remove. Yes, they are not easy to remove, but it is not as difficult as it seems. The principle is simple: the immediate reaction will greatly facilitate the removal of stains.

First of all, of course, the food products that we have at home come to help. Among them is the vinegar of For this, a mixture is prepared from 1 teaspoon of vinegar and 1 l of cold water. The finished solution must be rubbed into the stain. The method will definitely work. You can also sprinkle the stain with ordinary salt. So you should wait a moment. During this time, the salt should absorb the dirt. Finally, rinse the fabric in cold water and wash it.

Old, dried-on dirt is much more difficult to remove using household methods. Even salt and vinegar can be ineffective. Then you must use a proven chemical. Removing stains with its help is very effective.

Baking soda and egg yolk

The removal of coffee stains is also possible with baking soda. Soda stain removal consists of mixing it with water to the consistency of a porridge and rubbing it into the stain until the dirt is gone. For this purpose, it is recommended to use a sponge for washing dishes.

Interestingly, the stains can be removed even with yolk. A solution of beaten egg yolk, a few drops of alcohol and warm water will perfectly cope with dirt. Rinsing after the procedure is recommended to be carried out already in cold water.

The removal of stains from fabrics must be carried out immediately after their appearance. The sooner we start this treatment, the greater the effectiveness. With dry spots, it will be much more difficult for us to cope.

And how to get rid of dry spots?

Conscious staining usually causes an immediate reaction. It happens, however, that we do not notice the stain and it will have time to dry. Old coffee or tea stains are much more difficult to remove. Sometimes it even borders on a miracle. A strong detergent is necessary. Therefore, in such situations it is worth using store cleaners, combining their action with the use of natural methods.

The combination of detergent and food products that we have on hand in the kitchen cabinet has a stronger effect. Dried stains or tea stains often require a complicated cleaning process. To begin with, the dirty cloth must be soaked in water with the addition of detergent. After a few minutes, it is recommended to clean the stain with alcohol, using a cloth. It may turn out that removing stains in this way will not always be effective. However, you cannot give up, there is a way to do everything.

Dried coffee stains can also be treated with ammonia. Removing stains this way is easy. Just dampen the dirt and rub ammonia into it with a sponge or cloth. After the procedure, rinse the cloth and wash it with soap in warm water. If this doesn’t help, ready-made stain removers can be found at any chemical store.

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