How to clean an old frying pan?

Cleaning the pan from the bottom is a tedious task that most of us prefer to avoid. Burnt-on grease and dirt are difficult to clean using traditional methods. Ordinary dishwashing liquid and sponge may not be enough. However, there are home ways that will allow you to get rid of the problem of a burnt pan without much work and money.

Why does the pan burn on the bottom?

It is obvious that when frying, the pan gets dirty. Regardless of whether the container is made of clay, ceramic, Teflon or cast iron. The bottom of the pan is exposed to high heat and flame, which can further damage it. Sometimes there can also be annoying burns, especially when the glass is already old.

Cooking in a contaminated pan is one of the main sins in the kitchen. Both experienced cooks and beginners know this. Frying products at too high a temperature and therefore overheating the dish is a mistake that most of us make. Improper use of the pan causes dirt that is difficult to remove on its surface.

Is dirt in the pan from the bottom harmful to health?

When cleaning pans, we often forget to wash their rear well. If we do not want to wash them well after each use, the greasy sediment on the outside will multiply. This cannot be underestimated.

A pan that is not cared for properly looks unsightly, has weaker and weaker strength, and becomes dangerous to use. The burnt bottom of the dish causes its surface to heat up very quickly, making it easy to burn fat and food.

Also, harmful compounds can leak out of some pans into the food and then into the body.

How to clean the pan from the bottom?

In the fight against burning at the bottom of the pan, baking soda will work perfectly. It has an alkaline reaction, so it is very suitable for removing impurities, wax, paint, oil, grease and other stubborn dirt.

You can also use vinegar to clean dirty and burnt pans. It has an acid reaction and therefore removes lime, rust or soap deposits very well. However, it cannot be used on an enamel surface, as it may cause it to tarnish.

Another effective way to get a contaminated pan from the bottom is to prepare a solution of citric acid, which must be dissolved in water. A teaspoon of this product is enough. Then you need to boil water and bring to a boil. For the mixture with acid, you need to put a pan and leave it in water for a few hours, and finally wash it well with a sponge with dishwashing liquid.

A homemade way to clean the pan from the bottom without scrubbing

However, if each of these methods fails, before canceling the pan, it is worth using this kitchen hack as a last resort. Preparing a homemade cleaning paste to dissolve the burning is very simple. Also, it only requires things that most of us have in our household supplies, namely salt, baking soda, dishwashing liquid, and vinegar.

To remove any burnt impurities from the bottom of the dish, sprinkle it with a large amount of salt and then baking soda. Then pour plenty of dishwashing liquid over them and cover with pieces of paper towel. Finally, you need to pour the entire bottom with vinegar. In order for the effect to be even more satisfying, it is better to wait a long time for the mixture to bite the ground. When the burnt-on dirt gets wet, just wipe the bottom and clean it with water.

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