Unveiling the Mystery of Female Hair Loss

For a long time, it was accepted that hair loss in women was linked to genetics. This issue has caused great distress for a lot of women, leading the medical field to conduct research on the matter and the results they found are remarkable.

Contrary to the popular belief, female hair loss isn’t merely due to heredity. In reality, it is only a minor factor. The causes of female hair loss are much more complex than those affecting men’s hair.

Women are more likely to suffer from hair loss due to stress, drug therapies, and menopause when compared to men. However, these factors can also contribute to male hair loss as well.

As a rule, females tend to be more engaged in everyday matters than males. Experiencing stress can cause hair loss in women and this must be addressed as part of the treatment. Hair growth will not be sustained unless the source of stress is also managed. Accordingly, it is important to simultaneously treat both the underlying stress & stimulate hair growth to prevent further hair loss from occurring.

When it comes to using medications for therapeutic purposes, it can be a complex matter. Unfortunately, hair loss is often a common consequence of therapies against cancer as the drugs used in chemotherapy are very strong. However, this side effect can be slight.

Menopause can be a difficult period for many women. It often leads to imbalances in their bodies and another common problem is hair loss due to the hormonal changes it triggers.

Another contributing factor to female hair loss is the frequent use of dye. Women tend to color their hair more often than men, which can cause damage and lead to hair loss. Dyeing one’s hair can bring about intolerant reactions and possible long-term hair loss. This is a risk that many women choose to ignore, despite warnings from others. When dyeing their hair, many people are more focused on the “aesthetic” aspect or want to look attractive and don’t consider the potential risks like hair loss that could be a result of this decision.

Despite feeling like there’s no hope, women still have options when it comes to managing hair loss. There are some helpful steps that can be taken to start the journey of mitigating this issue.

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