Why He Didn’t Call Her: The Man Who Said He’d Call and He Didn’t

You had such an amazing time with him that night. After the evening was over, you said your goodbyes and he even mentioned that he would call you. However, he never did which left you a bit confused and disappointed.

Not sure why he’s mad? It definitely wasn’t because of your hair, clothing, or weight. So don’t beat yourself up about it – there’s nothing wrong with you!

Despite their individual qualities, all women have the same shared experience of being let down by a man they had strong feelings for. It’s an age-old story of someone who promised to get back in touch, but then deliberately ignores them.

It is advisable not to call him because he has broken his promise of calling you. This could indicate that either his word is unreliable or he has mistakenly misplaced your number amidst the wrapping of his peanut butter sandwich. Hence, it’s better to figure out the truth at an early stage!

Absolutely, women should feel empowered to make the first move and call someone they are interested in. However, if that person misled them in any way, it’s probably better to pass and focus on people who are honest with you. Who wants to deal with unnecessary drama?

If you’re feeling hopeless in your search for a relationship, don’t let yourself go down that road. You can find somebody if you keep trying, and things may not always seem bad. Don’t think about how old you are or the fact you may end up alone – focus on getting out there and meeting people!

The harsh reality is that the guy was doing you a favor by rejecting you right away – it’s better to find out he wasn’t right for you sooner rather than later. Even though rejection can be heartbreaking, it’s something we all experience at some point in our lives. You’re a strong person and will come out of this stronger than before!

Acknowledge your unique abilities and special characteristics. Believe that if you have so many great qualities, there is definitely someone out there who can appreciate and love you for what you are.

Don’t forget: there are plenty of great guys out there, much better than the one who let you down. Every rejection you have to endure just brings you closer to the right person – a man who will bring joy into your life and is truly You deserve to be showered with all the love and affection you have in your heart.

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