How to optically enlarge the apartment?

A spacious house with a garden is a dream of many people. However, what to do if we have a small apartment and in the near future we cannot afford to change the apartment? Here are some tricks that will allow you to optically enlarge the kitchen, bathroom, and living room.


In small apartments, the kitchen is the center of family and social events. This is where household members gather during meals and invite guests over, especially when the bedroom is open to the living room. A kitchen optically expands the space (walls do not limit access to light), but not everyone can afford such a solution. So let’s bet on the right selection of furniture and colors that will work in any interior.

It is a good idea to use bright colors, not only for the walls but also for cabinets and shelves. A monochrome kitchen will always give the impression of being bigger than it really is, especially when we choose white as the dominant color.

Furniture should not be placed in the form of a compact body, because uniform buildings can be overwhelming. In addition, it is worth taking care of free spaces: do not put shelves right under the ceiling, and choose cabinets that stand on legs rather than directly on the floor.

Another way to optically enlarge the kitchen is to buy cabinets with glass fronts. If they have small spotlights inside, we will not only expose glass or porcelain but also illuminate the room. In addition, properly selected dishes in this case will act as small mirrors, intensifying the impression of spaciousness. The best glasses and carafes are made of colored, hand-cut glass that will beautifully divide the light.


Most of the tricks that are used in the kitchen are equally useful when planning the decoration of the bathroom. Bright colors, small cabinets, or glass containers will give lightness to almost any room. However, there are ideas for the optical expansion of space that are only useful for bathrooms. The secret is correctly selected tiles and tiles with which we can cover all the walls.

The very choice of enamel is of great importance here. In the case of narrow rooms, rectangular tiles with horizontal joints that will optically widen the walls will be perfect. For a bathroom with a low ceiling, it is worth introducing vertical stripes – in the form of tiles of different colors or plaster columns with additional lighting. A small mosaic made of reflective materials will work everywhere, especially if we choose colors like blue or purple.

The appearance of the floor or ceiling can also change the interior of the bathroom. A proven idea is the unusual arrangement of tiles in the so-called diamonds or the placement of mirrors just under the ceiling. Among the effective solutions, it is also worth mentioning the lining of two opposite walls with mirror tiles or just huge mirrors. The multiplied images, then give the effect of infinite depth.


We can enlarge it optically using appropriately selected colors. Of course, the easiest way is to paint the walls white. It is worth remembering that shades of yellow also perfectly emphasize the natural light in the interior. On the other hand, dark colors should be used with caution, because their use can have the opposite effect to what was desired: the room will appear even smaller than it really is.

This does not mean, however, that in a small living room, we should completely forgo bright colors. If you plan to paint the walls, for example, green, remember to put the same color on the floor surface as well. Another trick is to paint the ceiling white or buy popular murals. The best ones will be those with a view of the street, the sea, or the sunset, which will bring a different perspective to the room.

In the case of a living room, a careful arrangement of space is very important. It is worth thinking about a cabinet with a mirror and limiting decorative trinkets to a minimum. A simple but effective solution is also to replace heavy curtains with light curtains or blinds in sunny colors.

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