How to get rid of yellow stains on clothes?

Underarm stains on your favorite shirts are everyone’s nightmare. There can be many reasons. The discoloration appearance not only disfigures even the most beautiful shirt, it makes us feel uncomfortable.

How to get rid of yellow stains in the armpits?

We often don’t want to wear a shirt on which, for example, deodorant stains are visible under the armpits. Therefore, in order to avoid such situations, it is worth finding out where the discolorations come from and how to remove stubborn stains.

How are yellow spots formed?

Stains in the armpits are not uncommon. The most common cause is sweat and antiperspirant. The effect of antiperspirant on sweat contributes to the formation of white spots in the armpits. To avoid this, you need to wait until the antiperspirant dries, and then put on a shirt. In practice, however, this is often not possible. The stains formed after the antiperspirant are very durable and difficult to remove.

The same applies to yellow discoloration. These are nothing more than sweat stains. Being in constant motion, unfortunately, it is impossible to avoid them. To remove discoloration, such as antiperspirant, you need to act fast before the yellow stains set in under the armpits of your favorite shirt.

White and yellow spots under the armpits on shirts look very unsightly. The use of chemicals carries a certain risk in this case. How to remove discoloration from delicate clothing without damaging it? It’s simple, just use for this purpose food product that everyone probably has at home.

Sodium bicarbonate

Of course, the popular baking soda comes to the rescue. This product can save in almost any situation. Home cleaning methods with baking soda are very popular. Thanks to them, we do not have to spend money on expensive chemicals, the improper use of which can destroy our shirts.

To remove underarm stains from shirts, you can also use ammonia, lemon juice, vinegar, salt, aspirin, and even hydrogen peroxide. Most products in combination with baking soda create a perfect mix. These ingredients can remove both antiperspirant stains and dark sweat stains.

So if we notice stains under the armpits of the shirt, let’s act immediately. It is absolutely forbidden to iron a shirt with stains since the heat of the iron will fix them even more. Fixed discolorations are very difficult to remove later.

Deodorant discoloration

Many people, despite knowing which products are well suited to removing underarm stains, do not decide to use them. Demanding? Disbelief in the effectiveness of food products and fear of destroying your favorite shirt. Stubborn sweat and antiperspirant stains probably affected everyone. So, let’s chart out how to remove underarm stains from shirts with baking soda.

Getting rid of yellow or white spots under the armpits is not easy. Due to the delicate material of the shirt, all types of chlorine bleach should be avoided. They can only harm by highlighting dark spots. However, before proceeding to remove stains under the armpits of the shirt, it is worth doing a color test. The action is best carried out on an invisible piece of material. Thanks to this, we will make sure that our shirt does not discolor after the procedure.

The simplest method with the use of popular baking soda is to prepare a solution of 4 tablespoons of soda and 1/4 cup of water. The resulting gruel should be rubbed, for example, with a toothbrush into a stain and left for about an hour. Then rinse the mixture and wash the shirt. It is recommended to dry outside, without excessive interference from high temperatures. If the spots are still visible, the operation must be repeated.

You can also soak your shirt in water, with the addition of baking soda, or make a mixture of salt, soda, and water. Method of use analogous to soda paste. The difference lies in the shorter application time on the spots (approx. 15 min).

So we can see that underarm stains on clothes are not a tragedy. They also don’t have to imply the need to throw away your favorite shirt or blouse. Using the above methods, we will keep the clothes clean and get rid of an unsightly defects.

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