How to get rid of mice at home?

How to get rid of mice? Colder days cause mice to start looking for a warm shelter for the winter. To enter our house, they only need an ajar door or an open window. Mice by nature enter after clothing and imperceptibly. How to effectively get rid of mice? Next, we tell you:

The Mice are pests

Mice in the house are not needed by anyone. When they come into the house, they nibble on food, leaving their droppings in the basement or pantry. They are also the cause of unpleasant odors throughout the house. Did you know that mice eat literally everything? They will eat everything that comes from animals, they also love plants, and here it does not matter if they are old or fresh. They won’t even look down on old paper or newspapers.

How to limit the possibility of mice entering the house?

To minimize the risk of mice entering the house, we must carefully check that we do not have holes in the wall through which these pests can enter. We mainly check the places where the pipes go outside. All possible gaps must be covered with plaster. It is worth remembering that the mouse has no problem biting Styrofoam or mineral cotton. It is in such places that they like to establish nests.

Home (natural) ways to get rid of mice

Is it possible to scare mice with a smell?

In the fight against mice, the smell of wild chamomile, moldy lemon, wild mint, tansy flower, the smell of green leaves of tomatoes, oleander or mullein can help us. Such repellent plants are worth placing next to the mouse nest. This should scare them, but what to do if it doesn’t help?

Special mousetrap

Another humane way to catch a live mouse is a special trap. It doesn’t cost much and it’s a reusable device. The trap in question is made of galvanized sheet metal, so we can be sure that it will not rust over time. The trap has an entrance with a hatch. You can catch multiple mice at once. It will work anywhere.

Electric true Mice scarers

This is another humanitarian solution. A special device emits sounds that are inaudible to the human ear and at the same time irritates the hearing of mice. We turn on the sound trap in places where we have noticed mouse activity.

Mouse poison

An extremely effective solution is to use mouse poison. The rodent, after eating the poison, will be poisoned very quickly. It is a solution with almost express action, but dangerous in homes where there are children and pets. Therefore, in such cases, we must abandon this method.

We spread mouse poison under furniture and in places where we have seen the frequent presence of mice. It is worth using poisons with a mummifier that make the tissues of the animal dry, thanks to which the mouse will dry out, and we will not have an unpleasant smell at home. Dead mice should be burned as soon as possible. Thanks to this, we will completely get rid of the poison.

Mouse feeder

The mouse feeders available in our store are made of durable plastics. The feeders have large entrance holes, in the center of the feeder we put mouse poison. Thanks to this, other animals will not have access to the poison.


The natural enemy of mice, which have always been their food. Therefore, when mice sense the presence of a cat in the house, they prefer to avoid this area with a wide arc. If we have an agile and hunting cat, then in this case we do not have to worry about the presence of these small pests in our house. Here we emphasize once again that if we have a cat, we must not use mouse poison!

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